Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Read through our answers to some of the most common questions asked by our customers. If you have a question that has not been answered below, our office is available for assistance at (304)296-4363.

Can Rexroad work on my furnace or air conditioner?

We currently service most brands of residential furnaces, air conditioners, heat pumps, air handlers, mini splits, and packaged units. Service appointments are available on most weekdays between 8:00AM and 2:00PM (excluding holidays), and after hours service is available on a first come, first serve basis as late as 8:00PM daily if you are in need of emergency service.

We generally do not service boilers, oil furnaces, fireplaces, commercial HVAC units, or HVAC equipment specialized for use in mobile homes.

What can I do to avoid a service call?

Keeping furnace air filters clean is the most important step homeowners can take to prevent service calls and premature failure of HVAC systems. Check out our Furnace Filters flyer below for more information on why clean furnace filters are crucial for normal operation and what furnace filters are best to prevent system failure.

Thermostats that use batteries should be checked regularly to ensure that the batteries are still good, and replacing the batteries may be a simple fix if your HVAC system will not run. If your HVAC system is not heating or cooling enough, check your thermostat settings to ensure that it is programmed to operate how you want it to. Some programmable and smart thermostats have energy saving settings that may keep your home at a set temperature range that is higher or lower than what feels comfortable to you.

Resetting the breakers for the furnace and/ or air conditioner can sometimes get an inoperative unit running again. However, because the initial cause of system failure may vary, consider scheduling a service call to inspect the system for potential problems even if the system is running again after resetting the breakers.

For gas furnaces, make sure that the gas valve is turned on when starting up the furnace at the onset of cold weather. In freezing temperatures, check the intake and exhaust pipes for the furnace and knock off any ice that could be preventing normal operation.

Does my HVAC system need regular maintenance?

Regular maintenance can help ensure that your HVAC system will operate as intended when you need it most. We recommend scheduling maintenance services in Spring and Fall before extreme weather arrives, though air conditioning service may need to wait until it is warm enough outside for our technicians to accurately measure refrigerant levels.

Maintenance and inspection services vary based on the type of HVAC system as well as additional equipment such as humidifiers, but typically include inspection of critical system components and cleaning of parts such as flame sensors that may get dirty over time. Our technicians do their best to come prepared with any supplies your system may need for a maintenance service, such as capacitors and humidifier pads, but we typically do not bring furnace air filters unless requested due to the wide variety of sizes they come in. See our Maintenance Agreement flyer below for more information on our current maintenance plans and a list of common checks done during maintenance services.